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Product Family

Thermal (cold)

Cold protection gloves.


Product Numbers



RewoCold 644
The RewoCold® 644 synthetic leather glove offers excellent protection for mechanical work. It provides a sure grip even with wet parts. A warm inlay keeps you comfortable in cold environments and the perfect fit enables long work sessions without fatigue. Its amazing sensitivity even lets you work with filigree parts. The cuff enables smooth donning and doffing.


Cama Iso 690
Cama Iso® 690 is a high-performance cold protection glove with a seamless warm inlay and excellent wearing comfort. It is highly flexible and offers good abrasion resistance. Developed especially for working in cold environments, it offers short-term cold protection down to -20°C. The glove is washable for a longer durability.


IceGrip 691
The cold protective glove IceGrip 691 glove provides excellent cold protection combined with enhanced dexterity and excellent fit. Due to its special palm coating the glove offers a firm grip even on wet objects. The extra long knitted wrist helps prevent cold from entering the glove. Breathable Thinsulate material improves comfort and cold protection, and other modern materials and fibres increase breathability while keeping moisture out of the glove. This glove is approved for food handling and processing according to EU 1935/2004.


StoneGrip 692
StoneGrip® 692 is a high-performance, cold resistant glove with excellent wearing comfort, resistant to abrasion and highly flexible. The thick cotton terry-loop fabric offers exquisite cold insulation, and the special roughened latex palm coating offers a sure grip even on wet parts. StoneGrip® provides a perfect fit, and is tested for resistance to cold down to -50°C according to the EN 511 safety standard. The eye-catching neon yellow color provides high visiblity for added safety in the workplace. The glove is washable for a longer durability.


TeboCold 693
The TeboCold® 693 is a protective glove that meets the highest standards in terms of mechanical resistance, protection against cold and wearing comfort. Water-resistant material, a cozy Thinsulate® lining, specially reinforced palms and a velcro closure at the cuff make the TeboCold® 693 the perfect protective glove for working in cold environments. The certified cold resistance down to at least -50° C (according to EN 511) and the approval for use in the food industry make the TeboCold® 693 a truly universal product. This glove is approved for food handling and processing according to EU 1935/2004.

Key Features

The Thermal (cold) line features various types of gloves to protect against cold.

Knitted glove with thermal fibers offers outstanding protection against the cold, particularly as an underglove.
Synthetic leather glove / nitrile rigger glove with liner for cold insulation (Thinsulate, acrylic, cotton)
PVC gloves supported with seamless woven cotton knit.

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 420:2003 - General requirements
  • EN 388:2003 - Mechanical risks
  • EN 511:2006 - Cold risks


Various materials (PVC, nitrile, synthetic leather, acrylic)

Storage information

Keep gloves in their original packaging in a cool, dry, dust-free place, away from sources of heat and direct light.

Do not use these products against chemical or thermal (heat) risks.

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