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Knitted Spectra® gloves. Cut resistant (Level 3 & 5 to EN 388). PU or nitrile coating. High precision work.


Product Numbers



Vertigo PU
Knitted Spectra® and blue polyamide. Black PU coating on palm.


Vertigo Nit
Knitted Spectra® and blue polyamide. black nitrile foam coating on palm.


Vertigo C&G black PU 3
Knitted black Spectra®. Black PU coating on palm.


Vertigo C&G black Nit 3
Knitted black Spectra®. Black nitrile foam coating on palm.


Vertigo C&G black PU 5
Knitted black Spectra® and composite fiber. Black PU coating on palm.


Vertigo C&G black Nit 5
Knitted black Spectra® and composite fiber. Black Nitrile foam coating on palm.


Vertigo Grey PU 5
Knitted Spectra® polyamide and composite fiber. Gey PU coating on palm.


Vertigo White PU 3
Knitted Spectra®. White PU coating on palm.


Vertigo Grey PU 3
Knitted Spectra®. Grey PU coating on palm.


Vertigo Grey PU long 3
Knitted Spectra®. Grey PU coating on palm. 28 cm length


Vertigo Grey PU Long C&G 5
Handling sharp parts in a dry or greasy environment.


Vertigo Black NIT C&G 1
Handling of fine products in a greasy, damp or dirty atmosphere. General handling of building and public works, mechanical handling in the automotive industry.


Vertigo Black PU C&G 1
Polyamide lightweight knitted. Black color. Black PU coating on palm. Eco version. (Sizes 6 to 10)

Additional Information

For minimum order quantities, please contact our local office. To access the test data of each reference, please refer to the technical specification documents located in each SKU.

Key Features

The Vertigo® line features seamless and lightweight polyamide (cut 1) Spectra® (cut 3) and Spectra® + glass fiber (cut 5) liners with PU or nitrile coating.

The tight knit gives the gloves perfect support, limits the penetration of dirt and offers a good touch.The ventilated back optimise their breathability. The cool Spectra® touch gives an added sensation of comfort.

Cut level resistance written on the top of the glove for better visualisation of the cut resistance level.
The Spectra® and polyamide thread provides outstanding properties against cuts.The polyurethane/nitrile coating at the palm and fingertips provides outstanding abrasion resistance.
Avalaible in various color according to the work environment.


  • EN 420-2003 - General requirements
  • EN 388-2003 - Mechanical risks


Spectra®, polyamide, glass fiber


PU or Nitrile


Light (13)

Maintenance / cleaning

This article can be cleaned. For cleaning instructions, please contact Honeywell Safety Products

Storage information

Keep gloves in their original packaging in a cool, dry, dust-free, away from sources of heat and direct light.

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