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LS 400 Leight® Source Dispenser

• Patented dual material design combines firm core for easy handling with soft

anges for comfort and t

• FlexiFirm® stem is easy to grasp, ensuring easy insertion into the ear canal

Howard Leight

Product Numbers


10 130 40

LS 400 经济型轻质耳塞分配器(1013040)
可选用耳塞:Bilsom 303; 耳塞描述:Bilsom 303 黄/白双色 超舒适 子弹型耳塞 填充包 (用于LS-400分配器); 包装:200 副/包。

10 130 40

LS 400 经济型轻质耳塞分配器(1013040)
可选用耳塞:Laser Lite; 耳塞描述:Laser Lite 红/黄双色 易识别 T型耳塞 填充包 (用于LS-400 分配器); 包装:200 副/包。

10 130 40

LS 400 经济型轻质耳塞分配器(1013040)
可选用耳塞:Max; 耳塞描述:Max 高降噪值 钟型耳塞 填充包 (用于LS-400 分配器); 包装:200 副/包。

Key Features

New Versatile Earplug Dispenser

• Durable plastic design an economical choice for dispensing earplugs

• Mounts to wall or stands as table-top dispenser with balanced footing

• Twist knob to dispense earplugs

• Catch basin prevents earplugs from falling to the ground

• Holds 400 pairs of earplugs

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