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Product Family

Mach 1 Noise Blocking Earmuff

Economical protection

Howard Leight

Product Numbers



Mach 1 - headband earmuff
NRR 18 Canada Class B

Key Features

  • Economical design delivers adequate protection at a low cost 
  • Extremely lightweight construction provides all-day comfort 
  • Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments

Recommended Industries/Use



  • 29 CFR 1910.95 - OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure (US)
  • ANSI S3.19-1974 - Attenuation Test Protocol (US)
  • Part II, (R.S.C. 1985, c. L-2) - Canada Labour Code
  • Z94.2-1994 - Attenuation Test Protocol (CAN)
  • 2003/10/EC - EU Hearing Directive
  • 89/686/EEC - EU Directive/PPE
  • Category II - EC Category/PPE
  • EN-352-1:2002 - EU Standards
  • NOHSC: 1007 (2000) - National Standard for Occupational Noise (AUS/NZ)
  • NR 15 - Security and Health of Work, Annexes 1 and 2, n°3.214/1978 - Occupational Noise Regulations (BR)
  • ANSI S12.6/1997 - Method B - Attenuation Test Protocol (BR)

Historical Brand


Warranty Information

There is a one years guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse or unauthorised modifications.



Earcup Color



Individual Hang Bag



Canada Class





22 dB / Class 4

EU Certifications  

  • European Directives – 89/686/EEC
  • EC Category PPE – Category II
  • Standards – EN-352-1:2002
  • EC Certification Number – 0401068
  • EC Attestation Number – 200421670
  • Laboratory – B.G.I.A.
  1. Place earcups over each ear. 
  2. Adjust the headband by sliding the headband up or down. 
  3. Firm Seal – Do seal the cushions firmly against the head. 
  4. Avoid Obstructions – Do not allow hair to obstruct the ear or the earmuff’s secure fit in any way. 
  5. Cover Ear Completely – The earcups should never fit crooked or askew over the ear.

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