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Sync® Wireless Earmuff

Silence is golden, they say. So is the chance to answer calls or stream information from your mobile phone when working in a noisy environment. Whether you’re in an industrial setting or coordinating activities in a plant, you’ll stay safe and sound with the Honeywell Sync® Wireless Earmuff. The convenient, user-friendly device lets you answer calls while performing day-to-day tasks via Bluetooth* — without the hassle of cables. The earmuff provides high passive noise attenuation Slc80 of 31dB. The device’s sleek, ergonomic design makes operation simple, with volume control buttons and flashing coloured lights to indicate different settings. The earmuff connects wirelessly to mobile phones, and features a robust boom microphone that lets you answer calls with the confidence you’ll be understood. Plus, you can easily stream information from your mobile device—enhancing your enjoyment while improving situational awareness.

Howard Leight

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Sync™ wireless earmuffs

Key Features

  • Easy push-button connectivity to any Bluetooth® device.
  • Robust boom microphone with windsock for voice clarity in high-noise environments.
  • Lithium Ion battery featuring 16+ hours of battery life while streaming.
  • Volume control buttons and flashing coloured lights visually indicate different settings.
  • High passive attenuation SLc80
  • No battery replacement required; includes USB cord and wall charger.

Recommended Industries/Use



  • AS/NZS 1270:2002 -
  • SLC80 31dB Class 5 -


Headband - Textile, Cup - PP (Polypropylene), Ear Cushion - PVC/PUR-E (Polyurethane)

Hygiene Kit

Part # 1015280

Headband force

11 newtons

Unit weight


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