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Complete head-to-toe clothing, the Apipic coverall protects the user against insect bites and prevents wasp and hornet stings.

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Apipic coverall
Coveralls with built-in helmet. Interchangeable steel mesh visor fastened to the hood using Velcro®. Zip fastening design is across the body and around the head for ease of wear. Gloves with PVC-coated cotton base. Elasticated at the wrist and ankles. Mesh ventilation under the arms for comfort and ventilation.100% polyamide with Neoprene® coating, 310 g/m2, one size.

Additional Information

Before uses verify that the items are clean and that there are no breaks, open seams or other defects that could compromise the safety features.

The suit must always be used together with the helmet and gloves (see specific instructions for use) and with boots. The safety features indicated are guaranteed only if the garments are correctly worn, buckled up, and in perfect conditions. If the suit gets damaged during use immediately leave the area and replace the suit. Replace the visor if it is worn. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages or consequences resulting from improper use or tampering with the equipment.


Fix the helmet inside the hood with the press studs.
Open the zipper, open the leg by opening the Velcro strips, put the legs, put the boots and close the Velcro openings on the legs by matching the two ends of the Velcro strips, trying not to form big folds in the fabric. Slide arms in sleeves, and make sure the helmet is correctly positioned on head. Close the zipper and put on the supplied gloves. Position the cuffs of the suit over the gloves. Put the visor on the front opening of the hood and fix it by pressing gently on the Velcro strips on the sides.



Packaging Information

  • Individual packaging

Key Features

 Coveralls with built-in helmet

Interchangeable steel mesh visor fastened to the hood using Velcro®

Zip fastening design is across the body and around the head for ease of wear.

 Mesh ventilation under the arms for comfort and ventilation

The yellow colour allows easy detection of insects that may remain on the coveralls.

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 340/2003 - General ergonomics and size requirements


Resistance against perforation from a needle similar in size to that of an insect’s stinger, with 1.5N penetration force.

Life cycle

Hand wash max 40°C. DO NOT use bleach. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT iron. DO NOT dry clean. Wrong washing procedures may affect the safety features of the protective clothing.

Storage information

Keep equipment in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, not dusty, far from heatsources and far from direct light.

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