Flamepro 1

Protective clothing designed to protect the operator against the accidental contact with flames, convective and radiant heat, small molten metal splashes.



Flamepro Jacket with front closure with press-studs, covered by flap with Velcro. three pockets with press-studs, covered by flap. Straight sleeves and elastic cuffs. Made of 100% cotton with flame retardant Proban® treatment.330g/m2. Size: S to XXXL. PPE Category 2, EN 531 (A-B1-C1-E1),EN 470/1.


Flamepro Pants with zipper covered by flap, loops around waist for belt. Five pockets: 2 on sides, 3 patch pockets, 2 on thighs and 1 on the back with press-studs and flap. Made of 100% cotton with flame retardant Proban® treatment. 330g/m2. Size: S to XXXL. PPE Category 2, EN 531 (A-B1-C1-E1),EN 470/1.


Flamepro coverall with front zipper closure covered with flap with press-studs, straight sleeves with elastic cuffs. 6 pockets with press-studs covered by flap: two on chest, two on waist and two on thighs. Made of 100% cotton with flame retardant Proban® treatment-330g/m2. Size: S to XXXL. PPE Category 2, EN 531 (A-B1-C1-E1), EN 470/1


Flamepro Hood with shoulder mantel, front adjustable opening with Velcro, elasticated back, aluminized Kevlar inserts to protect ears. Made of 100% cotton with flame retardant Proban® treatment-330g/m2. Size: Unique. PPE Category 2, EN 531 (A-B1-C1-E1), EN 470/1

Ytterligare information

  •  Minimum of order: 1 unit


  • Individual packaging

Viktigaste egenskaperna

  • Safety with comfort: comfort is not modified by Proban® finish (air permeability, sweat absorption) as the Proban® property is a flame-retardant treatment applied through the textile fibre
  • Durability of the protection: durability of flame retardant to repeated washes and to dry cleaning is extended to useful lifetime of made up articles, when wash recommendations are respected. Moreover, fabrics can be stored many years without losing flame retardant properties.
  • Flame retardant performance: when exposed to flame, the fabrics form an insulating char, this stays in place and helps protect the wearer. Do not smoulder, have no afterglow, do not melt and the flame doesn't spread outside the charred area.
  • Light weight and soft fabric: you can wear your garment in comfort, soft against the skin, breathing to keep you cool in easy fit comfort that will allow you to move through your daily activities at work.

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



  • European Directive: 89/686/EEC - EC PPE Category II - Standards: EN 340: Protective clothing - General requirements - EN 531: Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (A-B1-C1) with the exception of clothing for fire-fighters A = Limited flame propagation B = Resistant to convective heat C = Resistant to radiant heat E = Resistance to splashes of metal. EN 470-1.


  • Limitation of use: the garments indicated in this informative note are NOT suitable for use in case of fire (for ex. fire-fighters). Furthermore they are NOT suitable for risks resulting from: intense heat and/or big fires; immediately dangerous chemical products, electric risks and for all the other uses not mentioned in the informative note (particularly for all the risks listed in category III laid out by the European directive 89/686/EC).
  • Warning: the garments only protect the part of the body actually covered, therefore they must be integrated, according to the use, with the relevant PPEs to protect hands, feet and head. The safety features indicated are guaranteed only if the garments are of the right size, are correctly worn, buckled up, and in a perfect state of preservation. If the equipment should get damaged immediately move away from the operating area and replace the equipment.The flame propagation limitation feature may be jeopardized if the devices are contaminated with flammable products.An increase in the level of oxygen in the air may reduce the protective capacity of the equipment against flames. Take all necessary measures when operating in limited spaces with an increase in oxygen content. The equipment does NOT offer protection against electric shocks. During arc welding operations, it is necessary to provide isolating systems to the operator to prevent accidental electric contacts with the conductive parts of the equipment. The isolating effects of the equipment may be jeopardized with water, humidity or sweat.

Weight and composition

In 100% cotton with flame retardant PROBAN® treatment - 330 g/m2

Life cycle

Machine wash- Max 60°C delicate - DO NOT use bleach - Machine dry Iron max.temperature 150°C - Dry cleaning with perchlorineethylene - Washing at 50°C maximum - Wash separately from other types of garments to avoid the transfer of inflammable fibres - Avoid getting the clothing too dirty because this may jeopardize the protection features: if necessary increase washing cycles - For colors use detergents without optical bleachers-Maximum temperature recommended for machine drying: 140°C- Water alkaline level: not higher than pH 10 - Wrong washing procedures may affect the safety features of the protection equipment.

Storage information

Keep equipment in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, not dusty, far from heat sources and far from direct light.

  • Instruction notice provided with product and available on request

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