MS 356

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MS 356

Breathable single use protective suit against particles contamination and chemical splashes.

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MS 356
Elasticated hood, ankles and wrists. 25 pieces per box. Individual packaging. Size S to XXXL.

Key Features

Type 5&6, Antistatic & Radioactive particules certified coverall.
Made of white polypropylene - 55g/m².
Elasticated hood, ankles and wrists.

    > Comfort:
breathability equal to a t-shirt.

    > Safety: antistatic & radioactive particles certified.



  • EN 13982-1 - Type 5
  • EN 13034 - Type 6
  • EN 1149-1 - Antistatic
  • EN 1073-2 - Radioactive Particles

Warranty Information

Limitation of use: Do not use the coveralls when there is a defect. When the closing system is faulty, the seams open or any other defect should appear. Warning: The choice and use of personal protective equipment must comply with the European Directive No. 89/656/CEE of 30/11/1989. The employer must have previously analysed and assessed the risks linked to intervention and to those generated by the use of the personal protective equipment selected.

EN 13982-1

Type 5

EN 13034

Type 6

EN 1149-1


EN 1073-2

Radioactive Particles,,,,,,,,,,

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