AERIS Phase 2

The AERIS is self contained compressed breathing apparatus compliant with the requirements of the lastest version EN137, designed for extreme conditions.



Aeris Phase 2
pull forward waist adjustment system and fast assembly/disassembly harness - with Panoramasque full-face mask with 5-point head strap and Zenith demand valve. Without air cylinder

Ytterligare information

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Viktigaste egenskaperna

• Non-metallic, ergonomic, flexible back plate
• Four carry handles and attachment point for lifeline
• Thermo-compressed comfort cushions on shoulder, waist and upper back straps
• Excellent weight distribution of the apparatus on the hips
• Multiple anchoring rings for accessories
• Adjustable fast-tightening shoulder straps buckles
• Curved shoulder harness, specially designed to maintain the apparatus on the shoulders, regardless of the user’s position or movements
• Washable harness
• Pull forward fast tightening waistbelt buckles
• Adjustable cylinder strap
• Reducer with built-in second user outlet, allowing an air supply to be added for an additional rescue hood, full-face mask or airline attachment
• Flame-retardant optional reflective pads accessories available on shoulders
• Fast assembly/disassembly harness system thanks to robust stainless steel buckles
• Optional medium pressure airline connection accessories available (wide range of connectors choice) Safety
• Thermo-compressed harness and straps in self extinguishing aramid fibre compliant with the requirements of the latest EN 137 Type 2 standard
• End of operation alarm whistle integrated into the gauge with an antistatic HP/MP flexible hose
• HP/MP reducer with safety valve
• Color reinforced sewing on key safety elements
• Easy to grab top carry handle

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



  • Apparatus type-approvals - EN 137: 2006 Type 2, SOLAS, MED,IMO, MSC, ISO 23261-3
  • Full-face-mask type approval - EN 136 Class III+

Tidigare varumärke


Weight (backplate & harness & Zenith demand valve)

3.75 kg

High-pressure pneumatic gauge

0-400 bar, photo-luminescent gauge, rubber protection and integrated alarm whistle

Alarm activation

55 ± 5 bar

Alarm volume

> 90 dBA

Approved temperatures


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