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Bioline Airline Breathing Apparatus

The Bioline is a compressed airline breathing apparatus set developed by Honeywell Safety Products. It is specially designed to meet the most demanding and varied industrial needs.

Product Numbers



Bioline Waistbelt/CEJN
Airline breathing apparatus, with Zenith demand valve and Panoramasque face mask with 5 point head strap. With CEJN connectors.


Bioline Waistbelt/Staubli
Airline breathing apparatus with Zenith demand valve and Panoramasque face mask with 5 point head strap. With Staubli connectors.

Additional Information

Key Features

  • Ultra-light weight.
  • Easy and fast donning
  • Multiple external air supply sources are possible
  • Air supply hose fixed on the belt: the mask cannot be accidentally torn off in case of a strong traction
  • Automatic switching device on the air cylinder of the breathing apparatus and integrated alarm whistle (Bioline Automatic Secours)
  • 10 or 15 minutes duration cylinder in case of escape (Bioline Automatic Secours)

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 139 (Bioline) & EN 402 (B.A.S.); Full-face mask EN 136 Class III

Historical Brand



EN 139 (Bioline) & EN 402 (B.A.S.); Full-face mask EN 136 Class III

Total Weight of Bioline

1,90 kg

Total Weight of B.A.S.

3,50 kg

Cylinder for B.A.S.

3 L - 200 bar

Duration of back-up supply for B.A.S


Approved temperatures for Bioline & B.A.S.

-30°C/+60°C & -15°C/+60°C

Airline Breathing Apparatus Sets UK

Bioline B.A.S. The Bioline and the B.A.S. are compressed airline breathing apparatuses sets developed by Honeywell Safety Products. They are specially designed to meet the most demanding and varied industrial needs. AIRLINE BREATHING APPARATUS SETS BIOLINE and B.A.S. Confined Spaces Chemical Nuclear Oil & Gas EscapeB.A

Airline Breathing Apparatus Sets Arabic

B.A.S. Bioline يعد Bioline و B.A.S . جهازين لاستنشاق الهواء المضغوط، وهما من تطوير شركة .Honeywell Safety Products وهما مصممان لتلبية الاحتياجات الصناعية المتنوعة والأكثر طلبًا في السوق. مجموعات أجهزة استنشاق الهواء BIOLINE و .B.A.S الأغراض الكيميائية الأغراض النووية النفط والغاز الهروب الأماكن الضيقةB.A.S. Bioline نظر

Airline Breathing Apparatus Sets Russian

Bioline B.A.S. Устройства Bioline и B.A.S. представляют собой комплекты дыхательных аппаратов на сжатом воздухе, разработанные компанией Honeywell Safety Products. Они сконструированы в соответствии с многообразными и предельно жесткими промышленными требованиями. КОМПЛЕКТЫ ДЫХАТЕЛЬНЫХ АППАРАТОВ С ВОЗДУХОВОДАМИ BIOLINE

Airline Breathing Apparatus Sets Portuguese

Bioline B.A.S. O Bioline e o B.A.S. so aparelho de proteo respiratria por tomada de ar distncia comprimido, desenvolvidos pela Honeywell Safety Products. Estes aparelhos foram concebidos especificamente para satisfazerem as mais exigentes e diversificadas necessidades industriais. Aparelho de proteo respiratria por to

Airline Breathing Apparatus Sets Spanish

Bioline B.A.S. El Bioline y el B.A.S. son equipos respiratorios de lnea de aire comprimido desarrollados por Honeywell Safety Products. Se han diseado especialmente para satisfacer las necesidades industriales ms exigentes y variadas. EQUIPOS RESPIRATORIOS DE LNEA DE AIRE BIOLINE y B.A.S. Espacios confinados Petrleo y

Brochure Panoramasque ARI (Russian)

Устройство Panoramasque представляет собой полнолицевую маску с широким полем обзора без оптического искажения, обеспечивающую хорошую обтюрацию и комфортное использование, которая полностью утверждена для всех областей применения. ПОЛНОЛИЦЕВАЯ МАСКА ДЛЯ КОМПЛЕКТА АВТОНОМНОГО ДЫХАТЕЛЬНОГО АППАРАТА PANORAMASQUE Нефтегаз

Brochure Panoramasque ARI (portuguese)

A Panoramasque uma mscara facial completa com um largo campo de viso sem distoro tica, que proporciona uma boa selagem e uma utilizao confortvel, tendo sido aprovada para todas as aplicaes. MSCARA FACIAL COMPLETA PARA Aparelho de proteo respiratria AUTNOMO PANORAMASQUE Petrleo e Gs Incndio Qumicos Nuclear PANORAMASQUE

Brochure Panoramasque ARI (spanish)

La Panoramasque es una mscara completa con un amplio campo de visin sin ningn tipo de distorsin ptica que proporciona un buen sellado y comodidad de uso. Est totalmente aprobada para cualquier aplicacin. MSCARA COMPLETA PARA EQUIPO RESPIRATORIO AUTNOMO PANORAMASQUE Petrleo y gas Incendios Qumica Nuclear PANORAMASQUECom

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