Product Family

Aluminium Rd40 filters

The range of Honeywell filters protects against a multitude of risks encountered in many environments:


    • Protection against gases & vapors
    • Protection against particles
    • Combined Protection


This range consists of aluminum filters with RD40 threaded connector for use with full-face mask and/or half-mask depending on the selected reference

Product Numbers



RD40 filters in aluminium
Aluminium CANISTER 450 K2


RD40 filters in aluminium
Gas/vapour and particulates protection - Hg P3 large capacity for long duration works


RD40 filters in aluminium
Aluminium Specific Filter 300 AX


RD40 filters in aluminium
Gas/vapour protection - K2 Standard

Packaging Information

  • Aluminium filters are packed per 1 unit
  • Plastic filters are packed per 5 units
  • Click-Fit filters are packed per 10 units

Hazardous Materials


Key Features

• Bodymade ​​of aluminum provides optimum resistance
Connexion RD40(wide range of head pieces)
Low breathingresistance
Positioninglowto not obstructthe field of vision

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 14387 - Gas/Vapours, combined or AX filters for respiratory devices with negtive pressure
  • EN143 - Particulate filters for negative pressure respiratory devices. (dust, fibres, most type of smoke, liquid aerosols & bacterias)
  • EN148 - RD connection in compliance with the EN148
  • EN12941 - Powered assisted filtering devices including Helmets or Hoods and filters (filters which can be used with PAPR are marked TH1P, TH2P or TH3P)
  • EN12942 - Powered assisted filtering devices including Full-Face or Half-Face masks and filters (filters which can be used with PAPR are marked TM1, TM2 or TM3)

Historical Brand


Cartridge's material


Connection system

Screw type


Particules, gaz & vapours or combined protection.

Storage berfore opening

4 to 10 years (depends of filters part numbers)

Storage after opening

Most of filters can be stored for 6 months after opening thanks to plastic cover

Duration of use

Depends on absorption capacity, concentration of contaminant, humidity and user breathing

Severals filters type :

  • RD40 Aluminium
  • RD40 Plastic
  • Click-Fit system Plastic

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