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ONE-Fit Healthcare (NIOSH/FDA)

One-Fit Molded Cup and Flat Fold Surgical N95 Respirators for healthcare use. Utilizing advanced technology to create a crush resistance shell for the molded cup style, and a light weight thin film layer in the flat fold version.


Product Numbers



Healthcare Molded Cup
ONE-Fit Healthcare - HC-NB095 - Molded Cup N95 Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask ( 1 box of 20 )


Healthcare Flat Fold
ONE-Fit Healthcare - HC-NB295F - Flat Fold N95 Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask ( 1 box of 20 )

Key Features

Molded Cup Style Features:
• Lightweight and rigid outer shell that resists collapsing
• The mask contours with the natural shape of the face minimizing pressure points
• Soft inner layer designed for comfort and convenience
• Inner layer ultrasonically welded to outer shell in the front to eliminate being drawn into mouth and nose area during inhalation
• Masks are all bagged into a single plastic sleeve to protect from exposure and contamination when the box is opened
• Plastic sleeve bag with a tear away portion for easy opening

Flat Fold Style Features:
• Lightweight and thin construction, with a soft inner layer designed for comfort
• Elastic head straps are sonic welded to inside the outer layers
• Masks are individually bagged to keep from soiling and contamination
• Tear Away section on the bag for easy opening
• Dispenser style box with tear-out/cut-out panel for ease of access

Recommended Industries/Use



  • NIOSH 42 CFR 84 / FDA Class II Medical Device

Historical Brand


Warranty Information

1 year from purchase date

Latex Free


Silicone Free



Universal, One Size

Meets NIOSH and CDC Standards for N95 protection against airborne pathogens and M.tuberculosis


FDA Cleared Surgical N95 Respirator


Particle Filtration efficiency

95% against solid particulates & non-petroleum based liquid aerosols

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


Viral Filtration Efficiency



Molded Cup and Flat Fold - 20 masks per box

NIOSH Approval (TC) #

Molded Cup - TC-84A-4357 Flat Fold - TC-84A-4371

Refer to User Instructions for proper use. Additional training tools are available,i.e. donning instructions and fit test DVD.

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