The Oxy-Pro is a chemical oxygen self-rescuer with a long service time as it uses potassium superoxide(KO2) which regenerates exhaled air.



Fenzy Oxy Pro
Oxy-Pro, without waistbelt, without goggles


Fenzy Oxy-Pro Training Unit
Oxy-Pro Training Unit (rechargeable) without belt or goggles


Fenzy Oxy-Pro belt
Oxy-Pro belt

Viktigaste egenskaperna

It is recommended for emergency escape in high-risk environments (duration = 30 minutes), such as water treatment and work in confined spaces.
Fool protection design with easy and quick opening and donning.
Protected by a highly durable stainless steel vacuumed case, the apparatus is designed for a lifetime of up to 10 years with low maintenance.
A vacuum gauge located on the casing of the apparatus makes it possible to check at any time that the case is airtight.

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



  • EN13794 - Respiratory protective devices ― Self-contained closed-circuit devices for escape ― Requirements, testing and marking


200 x 208 x 108 mm


2,3 kg


30 minutes at 35 l/min


Compressed oxygen reservoir starter

Oxygen generation

KO2 (potassium superoxyde) cartridge

Air tightness

Ensured by the vacuum of the apparatus

Air tightness control

Monitored with integrated vacuometer

Life cycle of the apparatus

Up to 10 years with minimal maintenance

Apparatus type approval

EN13794 - Classification type K 30-S

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