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Honeywell Panther™ Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator (PD-SAR) Hip-Pac with Nylon Harness

The newest addition to our Honeywell Panther PD-SAR family – a Hip-Pac with Nylon Harness - is an economic alternative ideal for your quick and dirty jobs!  The Honeywell Panther PD-SAR is a combination supplied air respirator with escape for use in many industries and applications. The entire Hip-Pac family – now with NEW nylon harness version – provides the highest level of interchangeability, protection, and ease of operation. 


Product Numbers



5-minute Hip Pac without Quick-Disconnect with facepiece


5-minute Hip Pac without Quick-Disconnect without facepiece


10-minute Hip Pac without Quick-Disconnect with facepiece


10-minute Hip Pac without Quick-Disconnect without facepiece

Additional Information

For more information, call the Respiratory Support Team at 800.821.7236.

Packaging Information

Nylon PD-SAR with Facepiece:

Length:  13" (33.02 cm)

Width:  9" (22.86 cm)

Height:  5.5" (13.97 cm)

Weight:  7.8 lbs


Nylon PD-SAR without Facepiece:

Length:  13" (33.02 cm)

Width:  9" (22.86 cm)

Height:  5.5" (13.97 cm)

Weight:  5.8 lbs

Key Features

• Economy Nylon Harness is durable and easy to decontaminate, clean and replace after use in extreme environments

• Lightweight harness is comfortable and easy to use

• Sizeable waist belt allows for use of all sizes

• Choice of a 5-minute, 2216 psi aluminum cylinder or 10-minute, 3000 psi hoop-wrap fiberglass cylinder

• Facepiece options available for all needs – TwentyTwenty® Plus Facepiece and PUMA™ Hood

• Includes Air Klic™ Pressure Demand Regulator with First Breath Activation

• For use in hazardous atmospheres including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)—environments with little or no oxygen, with high concentrations of contaminants or where concentrations of contaminants are unknown

• NIOSH approved

Recommended Industries/Use



  • NIOSH - 42 CFR Part 84

Historical Brand

Sperian Survivair

Warranty Information

SAR: 12 years Cylinder: 15 years

Facepiece Material


Facepiece Styles

TwentyTwenty Plus

Facepiece Sizes

Small, Medium, or Large

Hood Styles


Hood Sizes

Small, Medium, or Large

Second Stage Regulator

Air Klic

Harness Material


Fittings Available

Foster, Schrader, Hansen, Hansen stainless steel

SRP 229_Brochure_PD-SAR Family

Respiratory Protection Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator (PD-SAR)Ordering a PD-SAR System is easy and customizable Choose from each of the following sections 1, 2, and 3 PANTHER SERIES, MASK MOUNTED REGULATOR, NON-ESCAPE (NO COUPLING) P968448 No Facepiece P968446 Small TwentyTwenty Plus Full Facepiece P968445 Med

Panther PD-SAR Operation Manual _rev120513

AN ISO 9001 REGISTERED COMPANY Copyright SPERIAN May 2003 All Rights Reserved P/N 963018 REV B 12/13 Sperian Respiratory Protection USA, LLC 3001 South Susan St., Santa Ana, CA 92704 Toll Free (800) 873-5242 PANTHER HIP-PAC™ SUPPLIED-AIR RESPIRATOR, PRESSURE-DEMAND CLASS AND SELF-CONTAINED BR

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