Pandemic range

The preventive solution for pandemic diseases


Range of ergonomically designed FFP2 and FFP3 masks. Ideal for pandemic response. Excellent fit and superior filtration performances. Available in moulded and flat-fold models.




















EasyFit 200 - FFP2 NR
FFP2 Non Reusable Foldable EN particulate respirator with a single welded elastic. Size Medium/Large. Boxes of 30.


EasyFit 300 - FFP3 NR
FFP3 Non Reusable Foldable EN particulate respirator with a single welded elastic. Size Medium/Large. Boxes of 30.


SuperOne 3205 - FFP2 NR
FFP2 Non Reusable Moulded EN particulate respirator with a pre-shaped nose area and twin-stapled elastics. A "one size fits all" design. Boxes of 30 masks.

Viktigaste egenskaperna

  • Compliant with EN:149 + A1:2009
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) > 99,9% (cf. specifications)
  • Exists in moulded and fold-flat version
  • Exists in FFP2 unvalved version for the moulded version (SuperOne)
  • Exists in FFP2 and FFP3 unvalved versions for the foldable models (EasyFit)
  • Excellent protection against certain airborne particulates and pandemic diseases such as H1N1, avian flu & SARS
  • Silicone free
  • Latex free
  • PVC free : environmentally-friendly
  • Lightweight to reduce wearer's fatigue
  • Models used by the French governement for prevention against pandemic diseases


Moulded model SuperOne

  • Exclusive design and shape : "One size fits all"
  • Upper part pre-formed close to the nose area contours for an intuitive donning and excellent leaktightness
  • Great inner volume for an easy communication and optimised breathing comfort
  • Ultra soft and ultra light inner layer for a better individual comfort
  • Free nose area offering an easy adjustment of spectacles with a good field of vision for more comfort 
  • Thermoformed shells with a large inner volume: ease of movement for an optimised effort
  • Highly flexible and resistant twin-stapled elastic bands
  • Elastics stapled outside of filtering surface to avoid preferential airway for particulates
  • High quality exhalation valve to facilitate effortless breathing during period of extended use

 Foldable model EasyFit

  • Easy storage
  • No staples. No interaction with the filtering area
  • One elastic band very flexible and resistant for an improved fitting time and added safety
  • Flexible nose-bridge for more comfort and safety

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



Compliant with EN:149 + A1:2009

Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE)*

VFE > 99,9%

*The VFE test is a facultative test, measuring the respirators’ filtration efficiency against the smallest virus known. Its procedure was adapted from the Military standard MIL-M-36954C and the ASTM F2101.
The Honeywell single-use masks 5311, EasyFit 200, EasyFit 300, and SuperOne 3205 showed results > 99.9%,. Though these results do not constitute a warranty.
We remind you that single-use masks are personal protective equipments. They intend to filter and not to kill viruses.
To obtain the maximum protection, It is IMPERATIVE, to read and understand the product information featuring on the insert before fitting the masks.

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