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Storage Equipment

From bags to wall mounted cabinets: complete storage options for your respirator


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Respirator Storage Bag for Half Masks
Respirator Storage Bags, plastic zip-lock closure, for half mask respirators, (50/PK)


Carrying Bag, Medium
Carry Bag for half masks. Nylon, with Velcro closure and belt loops.


Carrying Bag, Small
Carry Bag for 7900 Series mouthbit respirators, 4200 and 7190 Series half masks. Nylon, with Velcro closure and belt loops.


Respirator Storage Bag for Full Facepieces
Respirator Storage Bags for full facepiece respirators, (50/PK)


Mounting Bracket for SCBA
Wall/Truck Mounting Bracket for SCBA


SCBA Storage Case, Wall Mountable
Wall Case, deluxe unit with shelf, for single SCBA


Wall Mount for EBA
Wall Mount Bracket for 845, 850 & 855 EEBA


Carrying Case, EBA
Carrying Case, molded, for 850 EEBA


Carrying Bag for EBA
Carrybag with harness, replacement for 850 EBA


Carrying Case, EBA
Carrying Case, molded, for 845 EEBA


Carrying Bag for EBA
Carry bag with harness, replacement for 845 EBA


Carrying Case for Compact Air
Carrying case, replacement, for the Compact Air blower / battery assemblies.

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From bags to wall mounted cabinets: complete storage options for your respirator.

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Honeywell Safety Products warrants these products to the original owner to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original shipment from Honeywell’s factory. Honeywell’s obligation under this warranty will be, at Honeywell’s option, to repair or replace without charge the product or any of its components found by Honeywell to have been defective during the warranty period, under the following terms:1) The warranty claim is made (i) by the owner who purchased the product new from Honeywell or an authorized Honeywell Distributor, and (ii) not more than three (3) months after the end of the warranty period. 2) The product or component is found by Honeywell to have been defective in normal use and service during the warranty period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the owner. 3) The product or component is returned freight prepaid to Honeywell, either to its factory or to a Honeywell authorized service center, and is thereafter returned to the owner freight collect. 4) This warranty does not apply to (i) any respirator or component found by Honeywell to have become defective as a result of any accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, or servicing with parts not approved by Honeywell; or (ii) deterioration or aging of any component made of rubber or other elastomer since such components can be adversely affected by undue exposure to heat, sun, water, chemicals, ozone or other deteriorating elements; (iii) ) facepiece lens, compressed-air cylinders and parts that become defective through normal use. The decision as to what constitutes normal use shall be made solely by HONEYWELL SAFETY PRODUCTS. 5) To maintain this warranty, the purchaser must perform maintenance and inspections as set forth in the Instruction Manual which shall include prompt replacement or repair of defective parts, and replacement of parts per the maintenance schedule as set forth in the User’s Instructions. THE OWNER ASSUMES ALL OTHER RISKS, IF ANY, SUCH AS THE RISK OF ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF, OR INABLILTY TO USE, THE PRODUCT. SERVICING HONEYWELL SAFETY PRODUCTS RESPIRATORS WITH PARTS NOT APPROVED BY HONEYWELL WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY AND THE NIOSH APPROVAL FOR THE RESPIRATOR UNIT. THIS WARRANTY IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED AND MAY NOT BE VARIED OR EXTENDED EXCEPT IN WRITING BY AN AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL OF HONEYWELL SAFETY PRODUCTS


CARTRIDGE AND FILTER REFERENCE CHART NORTH FACEPIECES FOR AIR-PURIFYING AND PAPR (POWERED AIR-PURIFYING) APPLICATIONS 7700 SERIES HALF MASK The North 7700 Series Half Mask is the most comfortable half mask available. Made from 100% silicone for superior fit, durability and comfort. The improved cradle suspension system

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