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Product Number: 1415134

Multisafe Comfort COVERALL


Reference Number

Product Type
Protective Clothing


Multi-Risks Protection



  • Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Energy or Electricity
  • Maintenance
  • Offshore
  • Petro-chemical

Product Use
The clothing range Multisafe Comfort are designed to protect the wearer against heat and flames, electrostatic and chemical risks.

Optimal protection

An exclusive combination of Multisafe Comfort and Kevlar® fibres gives Multisafe Comfort clothing not only excellent heat protection but also added abrasion, tear and chemical resistance.


Both resistant and lightweight, Multisafe Comfort provides a safe and comfortable workwear solution.

Shirt collar. Two-way zip fastening with inside flap and an outside flap with press-studs. Semi-elasticated wrist adjustment and elasticated waist. 4 pockets: 2 slanted waist pockets with flap and 2 patch pockets: 1 left breast pocket and 1 side on the right knee with flap and press-stud. Straight leg. Retro-reflective label with standard pictograms, on the lowerright-hand side.


From XS to XXXL

Size Measurement Chart
International size

Table Size
Table size

Dark Blue


Multisafe Comfort (= Delta C) : 93% Multisafe Comfort, 5% Kevlar®, 2% antistatic fibre, fluorocarbon treatment (oil/water repellent). Seams with aramid thread.

Type of Protection
  • n/a

EN ISO 11612:2008 (A1-B1-C1): Heat and flame protection clothing.A: Limited flame propagation. B: Convective heat protection. C: Radiant heat protection. EN 1149-5: 2008: Electrostatic properties. EN 13034: 2009 (type 6):Protective clothing offering limited protection against liquid chemicals.

Limitation of use
The garments indicated in this informative note are NOT suitable for use in case of fire (for ex.: firefighters). Furthermore, they are NOT suitable for risks resulting from: heat and/or big fires, immediately dangerous chemical products, electric risks and for all the other uses not mentioned in the informative note.

Protection against the risks indicated in this informative note is not guaranteed if the pieces are used individually. The garments only protect the part of the body actually covered, therefore they must be integrated, according to the use, with the relevant PPEs to protect hands, feet and head. The property of the fabric of offering protection against liquid chemical agents was verified with the reactants listed in the PERFORMANCE table. If there are reactants different from those indicated in the list, the operator should verify the protective and safety features of the garments. The flame propagation limitation feature may be jeopardized. Electrostatic charges take place through diffuse the head and body of the wearer. The user should be wearing with appropriate anti-static shoes (EN ISO 20344 or EN ISO 20345), should verify that the floor or ground is not isolating. If the garments cannot be worn directly on the skin of the operator, they must be grounded with the appropriate systems (ex. a conductive cable). Clothing with anti-static features must not be worn in atmospheres rich in oxygen without the approval of the Security Engineer. The operator must not remove the garments if he/she is still in the work area at risk. The safety features indicated are guaranteed only if the garments are of the right size, are correctly worn and in a perfect state of preservation. Before each use, visually control everything to make sure the devices are in perfect conditions, are not broken and are clean; if the clothing should not be in perfect conditions (open seams, tears or holes) replace immediately; if there are any stains, follow the instructions in the MAINTENANCE paragraph. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages or consequences resulting from an incorrect use, or from tampering with the devices.

EC Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EC Certificate Number

EC Attestation
EC Attestation

EC Attestation Number

Life Cycle
Mechanical washing at 60 °C. Bleach not allowed.Machine dry at moderate temperatures. Iron: temperature max at 150 °C. Dry cleaning with perchlorideethylene .

Storage Information
Keep equipment in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, not dusty, far from heat sources and far from direct light. Carefully keep the instructions below that appear on the label of the
equipment for maintenance purposes.

Care Instructions
For washing, read carefully the indications mentionned in the "life cycle" paragraph.

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