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Product Number: 1013727

Dragonfly Harness

Same advantages as Dragonfly Belt with shoulder straps, dorsal anchorage point, size S

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Fall Protection


Miller by Honeywell


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Product Use
The new Dragonfly harness, light and ergonomic, has especially been designed to match the requirements of the tree pruning professionals. Combining technical features (side & front anchorage points) with comfort of use (anti-sweating back pad & ergonomic seat strap), it is particularly adapted to operations where the tree pruner is on suspension. Seat straps, leg straps & different lengths of front anchorage straps are also available and interchangeable.

Greater versatility : The Lyre shackles that can be dismantled allow the user to change the front anchorage strap as well as the seat strap (or leg straps), being still conform to the EN 358.

A fixed front anchorage point conforms to the EN813 is also available.

2 anchorage points :

Side anchorage : to connect the positioning lanyard

Front anchorage : for the climbing line

- Allows a great freedom of movement

- Avoids the rotation of the belt & the pressure on hips.

Stainless steel buckles & shackles :

Increased safety of use

Easily & quickly adjustable

Back pad in cordura :

Better comfort & support

Ergonomic & anti-sweating

Ergonomic seat strap :

Better comfort & support

Freedom of movement

Long lasting suspension

Adjustable webbings seat strap / back pad :

Perfectly suits the user morphology

Better comfort

Rings & loops for accessories:

Practical to have all tools reachable on handSpecial chainsaw karabiner space


Weight (lbs)
1013727 : 2,76 Kg 1013728 : 2,94 Kg 1013729 : 3,06 kg


EU Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EU Certification
EU Attestation

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95958 Roissy CDG Cedex
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