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Product Number: 1014434

ROPAX Harness

Manual buckles, black polyester, size S/M

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Fall Protection


Miller by Honeywell


  • Army - Defence
  • Homeland defense

Product Use
Rope Access and Rescue Harness with standard fixing buckles - Size S/M. The ROPAX harness is ideal for industrial rope access, rescue and the special forces. It can be used in conjunction with a climber's seat and an ascender (correctly positioned by using the detachable front webbing sling)

3-point full body harness with dorsal D-ring, sternal and ventral anchorage points, 19mm wide comfort waist belt with 2 side D-rings for work positioning and tool loops; front webbing sling for ascender and padded leg straps with clear 'Left' and 'Right' labeling and standard fixing buckles. A new triangular suspension design spreads the pressure across 4 points rather than 2.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Increased User Comfort : New Triangular Suspension position splits the forces between the leg straps and the waist belt (across 4 points of pressure) rather than being concentrated on the legs, thus reducing the risks of suspension trauma.The V form of the shoulder straps positions the straps away from the neck to avoid any irritation due to the webbing rubbing.

Maximised Productivity : An detachable webbing sling on the chest straps positions the ascender correctly in a vertical position to facilitate ascension.

Ease of Use and Fit : The leg straps and anchorage points are clearly identified.

Optimum Abrasion and Chemical Resistance : The black polyester webbing and stainless steel components offer optimum durability.

Adaptability : An attachment for a climber's seat makes the harness suitable for multi-application scenarios.

Lightweight : Only 1.6kg


Complementary Information
Screw gate Karabiner

Opening 24mm

Raw material: Aluminium alloy

Breaking strength: 2700 daN


EU Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EU Certification
EU Attestation

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95958 Roissy CDG Cedex
+33 (0)1 49 90 79 79
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