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Product Number: 1028750

Safescape ELITE

Rescue descender device complies with the new EN341/2008 standard, EN 1496

Howard Leight

Reference Number

Howard Leight by Honeywell


Product Use
Ideal for rescue situations from wind turbines, antennae, high voltages masts, cranes and any areas normally inaccessible by conventionnal means.


Housing : Anodized Aluminium

Mecanism : Aluminium Pulley

Weight (without rope) : 1.8 Kg

Karabiner : Dim. > 134 * 75 mm Opening : 20 mm

Descend speed: 1m / second


The next generation rescue solution.

Miller Safescape ELITE complies with the new EN 341/2008 standard.

Thanks to its durable high-quality anodized aluminium housing, our units remains in optimum condition of use, even in the toughest environments.

8000m descent for 100kg, maximum descent height of 500m, use in emergency by 2 people weighing up to 250kg.

Recertification by factory or Miller Service Point is required only after seven years, thanks to its robust and highly resistant components.

Available in several lenghts (see references below) and also a range of accessories for rescuing.

EC Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EC Attestation
EC Attestation

EC Attestation Number
P5 09 07 69922 002

Det finns inga bilder för närvarande.

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