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Product Number: 1008194

KOALA 5 Harness

Koala 5, 2 point harness, front and rear anchorage with adjustable work positionning belt ( front webbing loops)

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Fall Protection


Miller by Honeywell

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  • Building and Construction

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2 points harness, front & rear anchorage with adjustable work positioning belt.

Light, easy-to-fit and quick to adjust for ready acceptance

Excellent durability The strength and good anti-abrasion properties of the polyester webbing bring the benefit of safety and long economical working life. The double-sided webbing improves wearer comfort.

Easy-to-fit The two-tone webbing facilitates the identification of the different straps for easier fitting.

Safety All Koala harnesses are equipped with an ergonomic extension to facilitate dorsal anchorage. The harnesses are all fully adjustable for a perfect, comfortable fit.

The Koala harness is a non-stretch harness with traditional features and is the perfect balance of performance and value.


Complementary Information

Material: polyamide 45mm

Breaking strength: 2700 daN

Back pad: polyethylene foam


Dorsal & anchorage ring: light alloy

Locking buckle on the belt: steel

Width: 44mm

Breaking strength: 15 kN

Weight: 1.327 Kg


EU Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EU Certification
EU Attestation

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