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Product Number: 6246134


  • Breathable microfibre upper. ESD certified. PU2D outsole injected. SRC certified. 200J Spacium™ toe cap in injected polymer. Stainless steel anti-puncture sole. Complies with EN ISO 20345:2011 standard 



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Product Type

Bacou Original ESD


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  • Administration
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Laboratory
  • Services
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities

Product Use

  • Safety shoes for professional use. The Bacou PLug ESD S1P SRC sandal has been designed specifically for indoor work. This model may be used in all warm and dry working conditions. In
  • industries such as microelectronics, semiconductors and printed circuit boards, ESD footwear is essential.

EN ISO 20345:2011 certified. SRC certified.

Ensures better protection.

Breathable microfibre upper

Maximum lightness and ventilation

Self-gripping strap fastening

Easy to put on & take off

Anti-bacterial lining with 3D structure

Ultra-breathable, quick drying

Padded ankle collar and tongue

Adapts to the user’s foot shape, ensures comfort when worn for long periods

EU: 39 - 49 / UK: 6 - 13,5

Table Size

Stainless steel: efficient technology covering the most extensive panel of risks. Puncture resistance: over 1100 N with a spike of 4.5 mm.

Breathable microfibre upper. Self-gripping strap fastening. Padded ankle collar and tongue. Anti-bacterial lining with 3D structure.

Toe Cap
200J SPACIUM™ toe cap in injected polymer. Non-metallic: 50% lighter than steel. Extra-wide for greater comfort: suits all foot types. Non magnetic. Thermal insulator. Unalterable.

Dual density PU foam for intensive use. Removeable for easy care. Antibacterial for a longer life span and to prevent odour. Antistatic for optimal efficiency. Comfortable heel pads. Evacuation channels.

Dual density polyurethane: PU 2D. Comfort layer of density: 0.5 (guarantees lightness and flexibility, ensures shock absorption and protects against changes in temperature). Outsole layer of density: 1 (resistance to abrasion, fuel oil and grease). High slip resistance due to well defined cleat design, wide, deep and self-cleaning. SRC certified: on ceramic floor : flat 0,45 (minimum standard: 0,32) heel 0,46 (minimum standard: 0,28) / on steel floor: flat 0,24 (minimum standard: 0,18) heel 0.24 (minimum standard: 0.13). Energy absorption capacity > 20 joules. Excellent resistance to abrasion: volume loss < 150 mm3 (with a load of 10 N = 1 kg). Extension before tearing: 650%. Optimised resistance to repeated flexing > 60,000 ( standard >30,000). Resistant to acids and alkalis: limited to low concentrations.

Additional Features

  • SRC

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Life Cycle

  • We advise that the footwear should be used in the limit of 3 years following the manufacturing date, which figures on the footwear.
  • After this time limit, certain factors such as: exposure to sunlight, hydrometry, temperature changes, could cause a modification in the structure of the material, which would no longer maintain the same performance levels with regards to the requirements defined in the European Directive 89.686 CEE.

Storage Information

  • Footwear should be stored in their original packaging, kept in a controlled stock area, not subject to rapid changes in temperature or humidity levels.

Care Instructions

  • After use leave your footwear to dry in an aired place away from heat. Remove any excess dust or dirt with a brush. Remove any marks using a damp cloth and soap if necessary.
  • Finally polish any grain or pigmented leathers using a commercially available shoe care product.

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