Our products combine innovations, high technology with patented concepts, comfort and end user well being to guarantee durable and reliable products and satisfy the needs of all our customers

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PERFORMANCE AT YOUR FEET A sports line designed exclusively by MTS: the unique design and colours of My Energy models combine aesthetics research, ergonomics and technological efficiency. As a result: a high-performance look and high-tech materials, inspired by high-level sports.


OUTDOOR 100 % COMPOSITE A range specially designed for "heavy" outdoor work requiring robustness and maximum protection. Soft, light, comfortable and extremely strong, these models are highly resistant to all bad weather and provide effective protection against cold and damp. Full grain leathers, waterproof for up to 4 or 7 hours and selected exclusively in Europe.


MTS M-Forest
FOR FORESTRY PROFESSIONALS Specially designed for forestry felling professionals, this boot is made entirely from leather for comfort, waterproofing and optimum safety; there are 5 layers material including Kevlar® fibre guaranteed to jam the chain of a chainsaw operating at a speed of 24 m/ second (Level 2) and protect against all risks of cutting. The very stable HI-CI sole has EXTREM4 wide crampons and provides perfect grip on wet or icy ground.


GRIP IN ALL SITUATIONS With an innovative design, selected high quality materials and an injected PU/TPU sole, this range of shoes is specially designed to meet multi-purpose requirements and to have customer appeal. Both technical, being 100% composite, and featuring a neat attractive finish, this range also offers versions with the Overcap, reinforced toecap made of indestructible TPU; they are particularly recommended for work where a lot of time is spent on the knees.


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR EVERYONE M-STORM is the first range making technological performance accessible to everyone! From their dual density PU sole to the upper, models in the M-STORM range offer comfort and light weight plus elegant, modern design.


COMFORTABLE AND MULTI-PURPOSE A range of shoes for work done in dry or wet environments. A modern design for easy- to-wear models. Lightweight, comfortable, soft or ventilated, these shoes are ideally suited to a wide number of uses and jobs, either indoors or outdoors.


SET OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT A range designed to meet basic safety needs. The dual density PU sole, specially designed in perfect alignment with the axis of the foot, the extra wide toecap and the front/rear shock-absorbers mean the Start'up range offers comfort and safety at the best price.


IN COMPLETE SAFETY This range has been fully designed to comply with the EN 61340-4-3:2001 ESD standard (Electro-Static Discharge), by means of a special ESD anti-static treatment applied to the sole and insole lining to achieve electrical resistance between 0.75 and 35 ohms Shoes in the M-ESD range not only protect equipment but also maintain the health and safety of workers: ATEX Directive (ATmospheres EXplosives) 1999/92/EC This directive was adopted to control the risk of explosion and so protect workers likely to be exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones). Always a safety pioneer, MTS has had its M-ESD range tested by INERIS, a notified body in the European Community for application of the ATEX Directive. The INERIS Study Report No DRA-10-107959-04889A dated 20/04/2010 certifies that the materials used are antistatic, presenting no risk of ignition, and that shoes in the M-ESD range are therefore acceptable for use in ATEX flammable gas/vapour zones 0, 1 and 2, and dust zones 20, 21, 22. It is recommended that these shoes should also be worn on floors that dissipate electrostatic charges.


WHITE IS BLACK... AND VICE-VERSA For all those doing their jobs in industries imposing major hygiene constraints, the WHITE range has been designed with a one-piece upper, without assembly stitching. Made with a new thicker material Dry-Tek®, this range offers maximum resistance against chemical risks and ensures optimum hygiene with its Cambrelle+ Amicor® antibacterial lining and "refreshing" treatment: the fibres are treated to eliminate bacteria and fungi, and to combat perspiration odours. This lining is made using a new process: a micro-encapsulated deodorant is released by rubbing to ensure lasting freshness.


FEET THE DIFFERENCE! Tested and approved, from its conception, by many safety shoes wearers in Europe, TECH is a complete range, intended for a large number of uses in the industrial sector, for all indoor and outdoor works. These models combine a modern, non-traditional, slimming design, and innovative technologies. Without forgetting the lightness, the flexibility and an exceptional comfort, attested by walking tests carried out by an independent laboratory. All models are certified to ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and to DGUV 112-191 (orthopedic insoles) standards. In addition, they offer an excellent price-durability ratio.

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