Airborne Particulates

Here you’ll find Honeywell’s full selection of products to address the Airborne Particulates hazard.

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Honeywell Armamax
Practical, durable eyeshield offering high levels of protection and comfort. Fits comfortably over prescription eyewear. Frosted side panels and browguard sections reduce glare/reflections.


Ventilated and single use protective hood. Designed to isolate the wearer's respiratory tracs when working in surroundings with suspected or low air borne contamination.


MAR 95-3
Ventilated pressurised protective single suit incorporating a pressurised full facemask. Mainly for decomissioning in Nuclear and each time Alpha emettor protection is needed


Forearm protection consisting in gloves and sleeve welded when facing certain chemical liquid contamination


Overshoes-Dry area
Designed for dry contamination area in nuclear installation or pharmaceutical.


Overshoes-Moist area
Liquidtight overshoes with antislip sole


For traping liquid leakage in nuclear installation


M1 protection film
Range of protective films used to built tents or confined space for avoiding contamination spread.


For being used in nuclear environment for film assembly or closing bags or marking a contaminated area thanks to the colour code.


Fabric tapes
For being used in Nuclear environment for film assembly or closing bag.

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