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Fibre-Metal has provided high-performance welding safety solutions for over a century.  Our line of products includes protective headgear, welding helmets, safety goggles, protective shields, and other accessories.  Welders worldwide look to the Fibre-Metal catalog for effective, comfortable, and adaptable welding safety solutions, and to our experts for guidance in designing welding safety programs.      

Employers can improve work quality, increase productivity, and reduce potential injuries due to sparks, fire, electric shock, air contamination, and arc radiation, by providing their workers with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Fibre-Metal welding safety solutions can work in conjunction with Honeywell Safety respirators, gloves, earmuffs, earplugs, boots and flame resistant clothing work to provide continuous protection throughout the day.

In addition to offering a range of welding safety solutions that support virtually any welding operation, the majority of Fibre-Metal welding safety products have met the stringent requirements necessary to be certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).   SEI, is a private, nonprofit organization that certifies PPE through independent laboratory testing and manufacturer quality performance.

Fibre-Metal welding masks, welding hoods, and accessories offer exceptional performance and comfort for today’s high production workers.  As part of Honeywell Safety Products, we offer support services to help implement a comprehensive PPE program for your organization which includes free consultations, hazard analyses, OSHA compliance reviews, and wearer training assistance.

Our range of welding protection equipment includes:  

Welding Helmets – Fibre-Metal fiberglass, thermoplastic, FMX and ADF welding helmets are compact, comfortable, and lightweight, yet strong enough to stand up to today’s demanding welding environments. 

Welding Filters,Safety & Cover Plates and Lenses – Our high performance line of filters, safety and cover plates, and lenses can provide a solution for virtually every metal fabricating application. 

Welding Hoods – We offer top quality, tough, flexible chrome leather welding hoods for use in close quarters that would be too tight for standard welding helmets.  

Inspectors’ Handshields – Our leather folding shields protect inspectors, engineers, foremen, and anyone performing arc welding, for short periods of time.  

Headbands and Replacement Headgear – These headgear accessories allow for frequent readjustments and provide a superior fit, feel, and view.

Welder Caps – We offer a range of welder caps to meet your needs, from traditional, black quilted, flame retardant welding hats with short visors, to stylish welding caps that are designed to keep welders cool or warm, depending on the need.

Sweat Bands – Our sweat bands promote greater comfort, by providing enhanced air circulation.

Welding Helmet Protective Cap Components – Our Speedy-Loop™ and Quick-Lok™ components make it fast and simple to mount welding helmets onto protective caps.


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