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Honeywell Fibre-Metal® ADF Welding Helmuts



The “WAV” (Wide Angle View) ADF technology is a uniform shade level over all of the viewing area, without the noticeable and annoying brighter or darker lines on the upper and lower areas of the lens.

True Color Amber hued band past, giving the best view of the weld/pool and arc that welder’s love, not the dark green appearance of standard filters. Our unit alerts the welder when the battery is low and before performance is compromised.

Protect your eyes by using the best hard coat manufacturing methods to produce our UV/IR Protective Band Pass Filter. The Light State of the lens is a true shade 3 which allows welders to see in dark environments with the helmet down and ready to work. It also allows welders to set up materials and next weld without lifting helmet, increasing productivity and protection.

The WAV lens, combined with our Amber UV/IR Filter, gives the best view of the weld pool and total comfort!

Features & Benefits • Solar cell assisted – with replaceable batteries
• Fast, reliable switching speed
• Constant UV/IR protection
• Can be used in most welding applications including low amp TIG
• 7 and 10 square inches of viewing area
• Adapts standard magnifying lens
• Highest quality extended view ADF available
• User adjustable delay from dark to light (0.2 to 0.8 seconds)
• Contains sensitivity adjustment

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