Eye & Face Protection

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Titmus BC102A
Baseline Collection - the BC102A is a basic rectangle with a softer edge to it with the classic split bridge design with an excellent color and size range availability.


Uvex XMF™ Tactical Eyewear
Provides high-performance protection with a variety of comfort and adjustability features to meet the demands of law enforcement, security, and military personnel.


Honeywell Eyewash Expiration Timer
  The Eyewash Expiration Timer provides simple, effective visual management for emergency eyewash, helping to ensure OSHA & CCOHS compliance in the workplace. Featuring a highly-visible LCD screen and color-coded LED maintenance indicators to alert safety managers and supervisory personnel when the usable life of eyewash solution nears expiration – saving time on manual inspections, decreasing reliance on expiration stickers, and reducing the risk of human error in maintaining the availability of emergency eyewash.


Uvex Entity
The Uvex Entity goggle protects against impact, dust and chemical splash hazards while providing a secure, gap-free fit. The toric shaped lens provides a wide field of unobstructed peripheral vision, with Uvextra® anti-fog lens coating and indirect ventilation system to minimize fogging, keeping lenses clear. Featuring a lightweight and flexible PVC body that easily flexes and conforms to the face, Uvex Entity is designed for lasting comfort and protection.


Uvex A1500
Uvex A1500 eyewear combines function, performance and style in a light-weight, adjustment-free frame. Featuring a sleek, fullframe design, molded nosepiece and stylish temples, the A1500 is available in two frame colors and a wide variety of lens tints for virtually any indoor or outdoor application.  


Uvex HydroShield™ Anti-Fog Coating
Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog coating is now available on more than 115 SKUs of safety eyewear, sealed eyewear and goggles to keep them fog-free longer than ever before. The dual action Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog lens coating provides 90X longer-lasting fog-free performance than the majority of other anti-fog products - even after extended wear and repeated cleanings. And it provides 2X greater scratch resistance than our next best anti-fog coating.


Filter 175 - 634-638nm
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 634-638nm Color/VLT: Blue/ 30%Medical Applications   OD Specifications:OD > 4 @ 634-638nm


Filter 174 405-905nm, 635/638nm Alignment
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 405-905nm Color/VLT: Green / 21%OD Specifications: OD>4 @ 405 & 670nmOD 2-3 @ 635-638nmOD>3 @ 650-655nm OD>4 @ 670nm OD>2 @ 785nm OD>5 @ 810nm OD>6 @ 905nm


Filter 182 - 755-815nm & 1064nm
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 755-815nm & 1064nmMedical Applications Color/VLT: Greenish Brown/ 32%   OD Specifications:OD>6 @ 755-765nmOD>6 @ 800-815nmOD>6 @ 1064nm


Filter 183 - CO2 High Rating
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 10600nm, High PowerIndustrial Based Applications Color/VLT: Clear/ 90%   OD Specifications:OD>5 @ 9000-11000nm

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