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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

Uvex Avatar™

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Uvex Avatar is stylish and protective eyewear with technology allowing customizability, premium anti-fog coating and anti-scratch hard coating. 9 base wraparound, indirect venting, wire-core temples, and Multi-Material Technology® (MMT) at every touchpoint for maximum all-day comfort and maximum, customizable fit for every facial profile. These safety glasses are available in four frame colors, and five lens tints.
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Reason for Recall:Honeywell has learned that a limited number of lots of Cedaprin, pain relieving tablets, might have an odor. Cedaprin tablets are sold in cardstock dispensers as well as used in first aid kits. We are confident that the root cause has been identified and resolved by our supplier. To minimize a poor customer experience, we are initiating a voluntary recall of affected products our distributors may have in inventory. This recall does not need to be extended to end-users.

Risk to Health: Adverse health effects are very remote.

Requested Action: The affected lots shipped from our distribution centers from December 2016 to January 2018. Please help us remove these items from inventory by following the instructions on the “Additional Information” link below.

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New CSA/Z94.3 – 2015 Standard

CSA LogoThe Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA) modified its Z94.3 standard for eye and face protectors.

Honeywell is committed to manufacturing high-quality protective eyewear that meets or exceeds these standards. All of our eyewear and faceshield offerings sold in Canada are currently undergoing the certification process for compliance to the new standard. In the meantime:

• There is no change to the currently employed United States ANSI Z87.1 standard.
• We have allocated a significant stock of Z94.3-compliant eyewear in Canada. Products marked with Z94.3 and manufactured prior to Sept. 1, 2017 meet CSA’s requirements for protection and can be sold.
• We are working closely with CSA to gain its highly-respected certification for many of our Honeywell safety eye and face products to meet the new Z94.3 – 2015 standard.
• We are continuously testing new and existing products for the 2015 standard to bring even more of the world’s most trusted safety eyewear to your market!


Reason for Recall: Honeywell has learned of potential for leaks affecting a limited number of lots of Eyesaline eyewash bottles. While these products are filled aseptically, the potential for a leak results in a low risk of contamination of the eyewash solution and possible damage to surrounding materials when used in First Aid Kits. The root cause has been addressed and we are confident that the issue has been resolved in our production process. Safety is our priority, so we are initiating a voluntary recall of affected products distributors have in inventory, as well as any sold to your customers and end-users.

Risk to Health: Although Honeywell has not received and is not aware of any reports of adverse health events related to this issue, exposure to infectious agents due to a compromised container barrier could result in infection and may require treatment with antibiotics.

Requested Action: The affected lots shipped from our distribution center from October 2014 to August 2017. Please help us remove these items from usage by following the instructions on the “Additional Information” link below.

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Emergency Eyewash


NEW! Uvex Safety Eyewear


Honeywell is the well-respected market leader in portable eyewash stations and is recognized for its wide range of emergency eyewash products, including the first 100% sterile sealed-fluid cartridge and 100% sterile delivery station, the first self-contained gravity-fed station and the first heated self-contained gravity-fed station.

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Hypershock man


Three new styles that provide high-performance protection and sleek design.

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Laser/IPL Light


Uvex Turboshield™


The worldwide leader in  laser protective eyewear, patient eye shield products and specialty filters for every industry where lasers are used. Key factors considered in every design are: Protection, visibility, comfort, and style. Our outstanding quality enables us to confidently offer you a lifetime guarantee, on the vast majority of our laser eyewear.

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Developed through extensive customer research and featuring patented technology, the Uvex Turboshield face protection system provides superior comfort for longer wear, the easiest visor exchange available, and optimal balance when used with a hard hat. The Uvex Turboshield system is perfect for workers exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash, and airborne debris; it can also be comfortably worn with most goggles, respirators and earmuffs.

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Honeywell Safety Products


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