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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Filter 184 435-1075nm
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 435-1075nmColor/VLT: Olive Green / 22%Medical Applications   OD Specifications:OD>5 @ 435-450nmOD>3 @ 450-455nmOD>1 @ 650-665nmOD>5 @ 955-1075nm


Filter 185 650-1075nm
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 650-1075nmColor/VLT: Gray / 22%Medical Applications   OD Specifications:OD>1 @ 650-665nmOD>5 @ 955-1075nm


Filter 186 955-1075nm
This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:APPLICATION: 955-1075nmColor/VLT: Gray/ 22%  OD Specifications:OD>5 @ 955-980nm & 1071-1075nm OD>6 @ 981-1025nm & 1066-1070nmOD>7 @ 1026-1065nm, OD>5 @ 955-1075nm


Filter 188, 1020-1085nm, TRUE COLOR VISION
  This is a unique light gray polymer filter with true color vision. The eyewear is light and pleasant to wear, and at the same time your color vision is outstanding.Application: YAG Lasers, 1020-1085nmColor/VLT: Gray, 47%OD specifications:OD>5 @1020-1050nmOD>7 @ 1050-1065nmOD>6 @ 1065-1070nmOD>5 @ 1070-1075nmOD>4 @ 1075-1085nm  


Honeywell Uvex Acadia™ Safety Eyewear
Uvex Acadia is a ¾ framed, lightweight, sporty, sunwear-style eyewear that offers lasting comfort and protection. It is versatile wraparound safety eyewear that can be worn indoors and outdoors, but also on and off the job. With Uvextreme Plus AF coating, lenses stay clear up to 10X longer, and 2X more scratch-free. Its premium integrated hinge mechanism allows fit for wide range of workers. Its soft ribbed nosepiece minimizes slippage. The sculpted, padded temples ensures comfort and compliance. And available in 2 frame colors and 8 different polycarbonate lens tints, protection is available for almost every application and environment.


Uvex Hypershock™
Uvex Hypershock eyewear delivers the ultimate combination of high-performance protection and aggressive sport inspired styling. The full frame design offers high impact protection, with streamlined padded temples and a molded nosepiece for a secure, comfortable fit.  Offered in three frame colors and a wide variety of lens tints, including polarized lenses in Matte Black and Smoke Brown frames.


Uvex Instinct™
Uvex Instinct provides high-performance protection with a sleek design and lightweight frame, featuring a variety of adjustability features for a comfortable, customized fit. Uvex Instinct is equipped with a dual, 7-base wraparound lens for uncompromised peripheral vision, with a fully integrated, cushioned browguard to comfortably diffuse and deflect impact energy.


Uvex Livewire™ Sealed Eyewear
Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear delivers the fit, performance and protection required in extreme environments, protecting workers against intense wind, sun, dirt, dust and debris, as well as high heat and humidity. With 10X longer-lasting anti-fog performance, and a precision, fit-tested foam-lined frame that defies debris, Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear is engineered for the extreme. To outfit even more of your team, there’s also a prescription frame option.


Uvex Tirade™ Sealed Eyewear
Uvex Tirade Sealed Eyewear offers protection in high particulate environments where dust, dirt and debris present the risk of eye injury. Uvex Tirade features a large unilens design for a wide field of unobstructed peripheral vision, and a soft foam subframe to ensure a comfortable gap-free fit. Available in a variety of lens tints with Uvextra® anti-fog lens coating, Uvex Tirade offers a dependable, cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor environments requiring sealed eyewear protection.


Uvex Turboshield™
   Developed through extensive customer research and featuring patented technology, the Uvex Turboshield face protection system provides superior comfort for longer wear, the easiest visor exchange available, and optimal balance when used with a hard hat. The Uvex Turboshield system is perfect for workers exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash, and airborne debris; it can also be comfortably worn with most goggles, respirators and earmuffs.   

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