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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Titmus EXT4
Titanium Collection - another take on the classic P3 shape but with a shallower ""B"" dimension for higher cheekbone characteristics. It features attractive detailing on the endpieces and temples.


Titmus EXT5
Titanium Collection - a modified oval the EXT5 is a great model for someone who wants a softer face friendly look. It is complimented with soft satin colors to complete the offering.


Titmus EXT6
Titanium Collection - the EXT6 is 100% Titanium and is offered in a shallow modified oval for wide facial application. Detailed scrollwork on the endpieces and temples finish this attractive design.


Titmus EXT7
Titanium Collection - a very low profile is what distinguishes the EXT7 from most other designs. The small ""B"" dimension is very much with today's fashions.


Titmus EXT8
Titanium Collection - the EXT8 is an easy shape on the eyes and looks good just about anywhere. Complimentary colors work for both male and female applications.


Titmus EXT9
Titanium Collection - a strong profile in a modified rectangle is unmistakable in the EXT9 and will have great masculine appeal. The color range offers two bold colors for men.


Titmus EXT10
Titanium Collection - a modernized double bar bridge offers a sturdy look in this ""Europeanized"" favorite. Tailored temples complete the finished and clean lines of this Titanium offering.


Titmus EXTS1
Titanium Collection - the EXTS1 is the best selling of all the Titanium Collection. It sports the light look of a semi-rimless design with the sturdiness of a full rim construction.


Titmus EXTS2
Titanium Collection - modified ovals are everywhere and for good reason…they sell well across both sexes. The EXTS2 is proof and comes in colors for both male and female.


Titmus SW02
SWRx Collection - need something really cool for multifocal eyewear? Try the SW02 on for size. Stainless steel built.

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