Eye & Face Protection

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Uvex A400 Series
Sleek, wrap-around, one piece lens at an economical price.


Uvex A900CSA Series
Sport-inspired styling in a lightweight design for all day comfort. The Uvex A900CSA,Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard, includes padded temple tips and nosepiece for enhanced comfort.


Uvex A900CSA Series Reading Magnifier
Readers with sport styling in a lightweight design for all day comfort. The A900CSA Magnifiers, Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard and include padded temple tips and nosepiece for comfort. Available in 3 magnification choices.


Vapor II Series
Contoured fit with sporty styling. Soft nosepiece and lightweight frame.


W200 Series
Economical eye protection designed for women. Attractive rose colored frame that is narrower across the front with shorter temples, providing true fit for women.


Uvex XV100 Series
Super-economy based eye protection.


Uvex A600 Series
Economical goggle available with direct venting for impact protection, and indirect venting for impact and splash protection.


Uvex AcoustiMaxx™
Uvex AcoustiMaxx Stereo Bluetooth® eyewear provides  premium eye protection and hands-free communication that lets workers focus on the task at hand, keepingthem safer and more productive on the job. Designed for usein industrial work environments, Uvex AcoustiMaxx Stereo Bluetooth eyewear delivers maximum impact protection along with crystal clear, acoustically-isolated in-earvoice communication through its dual microphone technology. High-performance balanced armature drivers deliver superior stereo sound. Perfect for work environments where communication is essential.


Titmus EXT2
Titanium Collection - the EXT2 is a traditional double bar bridge design with a deep ""B"" dimension perfect for multifocal wearers.


Titmus EXT4
Titanium Collection - another take on the classic P3 shape but with a shallower ""B"" dimension for higher cheekbone characteristics. It features attractive detailing on the endpieces and temples.

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