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Steel toe work boots are vital in environments where there is a risk of heavy objects falling or rolling onto workers’ feet. Workers rely on steel toe boots to protect their feet and keep them on-the-job and injury free each day. Honeywell can help protect your workers from potential foot injuries by offering comfortable steel toe boots for every high impact hazard job.

55232 Safety Footwear Cutaway Steel toe boots and steel toe shoes offer more than protection. Honeywell Safety Footwear offers one of the most comprehensive, steel toe footwear lines in the market. The breadth of product is a collection of well-established brands, Oliver®, Muck®, Ranger®, NEOS®, Servus® and KING’S®. Our diverse offering allows customers the convenience of one source to accommodate their safety footwear needs with choices in style, protective elements, and price points to fit their needs and expectations.


Honeywell can equip workers with steel toe work boots that are well suited in hazardous environments which include: construction, mining, oil and gas, heavy metal fabrication, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, and steel production. 


Different work environments require additional safety features, such as metatarsal protection, chemical and liquid-resistant materials, slip-resistant outsoles, underfoot puncture protection and electrical hazard rated outsoles. Honeywell can provide the solution to the best steel toe boot or shoe to fit the need.

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