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Laser/IPL Light


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Filter 200 - 1064, 532nm, Dielectric coated
This coated glass filter (Crystal Clarity) has the following attributes. Please view the SKUs for the frame styles available for this filter. Application: YAG & Harmonics, 1064nm, 532nmColor/VLT: 50% - Clear


Frame - GPT Encore Large
The over-the-glass (OTG) Encore features a strong yet lightweight adjustable frame made of durable polymer material, making it comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The Encore Large is the standard size for Polymer Filters, although some popular polymer filters are also available in the Encore Small for petite faces.


Frame - GPT Flex Seal
The GPT Flex Seal laser goggle has an indirect ventilation system that enhances comfort and minimizes fogging.


Frame - GPT LGF
Provides an excellent fit around the entire eye area and successfully combines laser safety with an attractive design and optimal comfort.


Frame - GPT LOTG
The Laser-Over-The-Glass (LOTG) eyewear provides excellent protection and will fit comfortably over many different prescription eyewear styles due to its larger size.


Frame - GPT LS6
The LS6 goggle with its aluminum insert is designed for high protection against laser radiation. Foam pads cushion the goggle at the facial contact points — replaceable foam pads are available.


Frame - GPT XC
The industry’s first wrap-around laser eyewear encompasses the eye while the patented MMT — Multi-Material Technology® cushions every point of contact with your face for unparalleled comfort.


Frame - Honeywell New York
The new Honeywell NewYork is a landmark design for combining the aspects of high level laser protection, comfort and style. It brings the world of fashion to laser eyewear.


Laser Windows & Film
We offer a range of polymer and glass windows for today’s most common wavelengths and they are available in a variety of sizes.


Laser Specialty Filters
Specialty filters enhance the performance of an unlimited world of products. In any application where you need to control the light, our specialty filters offer virtually unlimited potential.

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