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720072 - Refills
720072 - Refills Self-Adherent Wrap, 3" x 5 Yd. Self-Adherent Wrap, 3" x 5 Yd. SELF-ADH WRAP 3 X 5 YDS NORTH REV E SELF-ADH WRAP 3 X 5 YDS 720072 Americas


127004 - Vital 1® Flat Pack
127004 - Vital 1® Flat Pack Vital 1® Flat Pack The kits are complete with the necessary supplies to clean a spill containing bloodborne pathogens as well as PPE necessary to protect employees in accordance with OSHA 1910.130. To view kit contents, please refer to the chart on the right. Vital 1® Flat Pack The kits


113890 - Insect Repellent
113890 - Insect Repellent Insect Repellent Spray - Misty. Effective protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Utility workers, railroad maintenance personnel, highway crews and other workers in timber and brush country do their jobs faster, better and more comfortably using insect repellent. Act


FAK9W/GOLF - Golfers First Aid Kit
FAK9W/GOLF - Golfers First Aid Kit Golfers First Aid Kit contains: SunX® towelettes, Ivy X™ pre-contact towelettes, BugX™ towelettes, First aid/burn cream with aloe, Adhesive bandages, Sting relief wipes, Acid relief tablets, I-Pro-Tab® - 50 pouches of 2 tablets, Ammonia inhalant, Cold-A-Rest® Plus - 100 pouches o


Honeywell North Zone Full brim hard hat
Wherever there is a potential for falling objects, flying objects, impacts or bumps, Honeywell has a hard hat to meet your needs. Adjustable, imprintable and dependable, our hard hats and accessories provide comfortable, reliable head protection. With stylish, lightweight shell designs, suspension height adjustment and comfortable padding, these are hard hats your employees will want to wear.


North Force Hard Hat
Developed in partnership with oil and gas industry leaders in some of the toughest environments on the planet, the revolutionary North Force protects workers like no other hard hat. From a shell design that provides 24% more back-of-head coverage than standard Type I hard hats, to a suspension system that allows for an ultra-customized, comfortable fit and improved retention, the Force is leading the way in rear impact protection.  


Bump Cap
Low hazard bump cap that is well ventilated and lightweight. Ideal for food industry, mechanics and truck drivers. Not approved; do not use where ANSI or CSA head protection is required


Hard Hat Chin Straps
Chin strap for attachment to North hard hats


Hard Hat Replacement Parts
Replacement suspensions and sweatbands for North hard hats


Miner's Lamp Bracket
Miner's Lamp Bracket Miner's lamp bracket for attachment to North hard hats Miner's lamp bracket for attachment to all North hard hat models Specification Installation charges apply Specification Miner's Lamp Bracket SAF.CAP MINER`S LMP BRCK SAF.CAP MINER`S LMP BRCK A9MLB Americas A9ML

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