Online Laser Safety Training Courses

Training courses provided by Rockwell Laser Industries, our partner in laser eye protection.

Introduction to Laser Safety for Healthcare Professionals  $295.00  128 slides (01:59:16)
1 This medical laser safety awareness course has been developed for those who are new to medical lasers. At the end of the course, you will understand basic laser science and be able to Identify the components of commonly used medical lasers and their delivery systems. You will also be able to identify the hazards associated with their use and what control measures are needed to ensure safe practices. Finally, you will understand how to apply national standards and guidelines to facility safety programs.
Laser Safety Awareness        $195.00    63 slides (00:30:48)
1 This three module introductory level course provides an overview of laser safety for personnel in and around the working environment with enclosed high powered laser systems as well as low powered visible lasers.
Laser Safety Orientation, IEC Edition      $395.00    112 slides (01:52:24)  
1 Based on the applicable EN and IEC Laser Safety Standards, this course will provide you with an understanding of the characteristics of laser light, the nature of laser hazards, and the meaning of the different laser classes. You will also learn about appropriate safety procedures, and recognize the importance of following them.