Intelligent Hearing Protection & Communication Systems

For people in high-noise environments, reliable communication and safety are life-critical necessities.

QUIETPRO is the only intelligent hearing protection and communication system that provides smart hearing protection and the clearest communication through a full range of work environments and deployment operations, especially in high noise.


About Intelligent Hearing Protection


Clearest Communication, Especially in High Noise

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QUIETPRO enhances your performance through bionic hearing technologies which heighten your ability to communicate with others and better understand your environment. The system clearly reproduces natural sound, while its ultra-fast digital processor provides active hearing protection from continuous, intermittent, and impact noise — seamless to the user.

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The ability for workers and soldiers to identify, process, and comprehend critical information, and to communicate clearly in their environment, is key to the safety and success of any team. QUIETPRO delivers clear in-ear communication, essential for understanding and adapting to rapidly changing environments.

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