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Ranger® Bluecat™ Rubber Chest Wader
Ranger® Bluecat™ Rubber Chest Wader • Specialized compound prevents ozone deterioration for longer life of your footwear • insulated interior for warmth • Vulcanized construction is 100% waterproof • Adjustable, stay-tight strap for a snug and secure fit • Ultra-composite shanks are longer, wider and positioned fo


SF™ SuperFit Premium Overboot
SF™ SuperFit Premium Overboot SF Chem Overboot: Made in the USA, has been tested to the chemical requirements of the Military Spec MIL-O-43995C and the CID A-A-59520. This boot features a highly durable injection molded construction with tabbed grips and elastic loops. The construction is a one-piece molded oversho


NEOS® Processing Overshoe
• Heavy-duty .8 mm thermo-plastic upper is easily sanitized and is 100% waterproof •Polyurethane outsole and open tread design are lightweight • Unique strap system provides a secure fit to prevent boot from slipping • Wide, easily opened gusset provide ease in putting on or taking off overshoes


Irrigation Rubber Footwear
Irrigation Rubber Footwear • Specialized compound prevents ozone deterioration for longer life for your footwear • Shovel shank reinforces construction and arch support • Built in cushion insoles provide support and wicks away moisture • Heavy Trac Tread™ sole and heel and knurled protective overlays • Specialize


Iron Duke® PVC Footwear
Iron Duke® PVC Footwear • Seamless, PVC injection molded footwear is 100% waterproof to ensure workers’ feet are dry and comfortable • Flexible and durable upper allows for easy of movement for greater worker comfort • Deep angle cleated sole and heel help to grip slick surfaces preventing slips and falls • Meets A


Hi Strap-On Rubber Overboot
Hi Strap-On Rubber Overboot • Over-sized design to fit over leather work boots protecting them from harsh environments • Hand-layered rubber compound is vulcanized to prevent seams from leaking providing a 100% waterproof boot • Cross Rib™ outsoles add traction • Secure strap to keep contaminants out of the boot •


Breathe-O-Prene® Replacement Insoles
Breathe-O-Prene® Replacement Insoles Designed with Breathe-O-Prene® technology, these moisturewicking insoles have breathable, open cell structures that reduce insole drying time. The lightweight, top fabric also pulls away moisture and provides non-skid support – an essential insole for greater shock absorption a


AQUASEAL® Boot Repair
AQUASEAL® Boot Repair End annoying seepage and leaks with AQUASEAL® urethane adhesive. Repairs neoprene, rubber and coated fabric boots and waders. Permanently seals and repairs leaks with a WATERPROOF bond. End annoying seepage and leaks with AQUASEAL® urethane adhesive. Repairs neoprene, rubber and coated fabri

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